Tourist information Höganäs


Höganäs harbour is situated in the northern part of Öresund south of Kullaberg mountain with its lighthouse. The silhouette is very characteristic and raises over the surrounding landscape.
The route into the harbour is easy and clearly marked. Starting at the bouy Öresund N, LFL 10s (pos. 58° 11,82’N 12° 29,8’E) the leading line is 92,9°.
Phone number to the Harbour Master is +46 72 500 04 48.
The name Höganäs, earlier Höjeness, can be found on maps already from the 15th century. From the beginning there were many small villages which during the years grew and formed the city. Höganäs is well known for its ceramic tradition and this is still an important business. The population in Höganäs city centre is about 8700 and in the whole community about 25000.
When passing the first pier you will find the outer harbour giving good shelter for most wind directions which makes it well used for lowering or raising the sails. After that it is time to round the next pier and enter into the yacht harbour and look for a mooring, available places are marked with a green sign.
The harbour has Blue Flag.

The harbour gives good service for the crew as well as for the boat. For a map over the harbour area, please click here. There is a BBQ place, or if you prefer to have it more comfortable, you will find two restaurants, Restaurang & hotell Bryggan and restaurant Höganäs Hamnkrog. Nearby you will also find a street food kitchen.



For the boat there is a slip-way for smaller boats, a 9,5 tons harbour crane and a 500 kg mast crane. The harbour crane can lift sail yachts with standing mast which is feasible for work on propeller or rudder. For engine problems there are two companies in the neighbourhood, Sydmarin and Maximal Marin Power.

Just south of the harbour there is a beach, Kvickbadet, with a child-friendly shallow sandy beach and docks with deeper water. From the dock a  wheelchair ramp leads into the water. A bath with sauna, Kvickbadhuset, will be find on the pier.

Now we have to get to know more about Höganäs city and start with the health. There is a health centre (Delfinen), a dentist (Folktandvården and three Pharmacies. Please see the map.

For food and drinks there are three grocery stores ( ICA, Lidl, CITY GROSS). One bakery (Kakboden) and a wine & liquor store (Systembolaget). In the city centre there are three ATM. You will find them all on this map.

Höganäs offers a lot of possibilities for shopping, see map. Most stores in the city centre are located along the streets Köpmansgatan and Storgatan. About 1 km from the harbour you will find Magasin36 with a restaurant and a number of stores. If you then continue about 500 m you are at Höganäs Outlet with a number of interesting stores including Orrefors with the famous Swedish glasswork. In this are you will also find Keramiskt Center with exhibitions of ceramics from many of the local ceramic artists and there is also a shop.. We highly recommend a visit!

Via a fund, Nymbergs fund for Höganäs embellishment, the city has the possibility to obtain artsorks. Up to date there are about 50 artworks placed around in Höganäs and you will find many of them in the city center. In the yacht harbour there is one at the pier end named Handen (the hand) by Kerstin Ahlgren and along the pier there is an interesting installation with small ceramic plates. The artists are the inhabitants of Höganäs which have got the possibility to create these on different festivals in the city. A local potter named Klas-Göran Klaesson has then burned them and mounted tem at the pier.



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